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An alternative academic guide to twitter

I wrote this originally nearly a year ago but never pressed ‘publish’. I’ve been seeing lots of calls to twitter of late though that seem to encourage exactly the kind of thing I think twitter shouldn’t be used for, so … Continue reading

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Open Academia: Embracing interaction over transmission

Victoria Betton made some excellent observations earlier this week on the challenges of straddling the open world of social networking with the formal and closed traditions of academia. One point, drawn from David Price’s book on open learning and sharing, … Continue reading

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Open eyes, open mind? How open access could support recognition of patient views

There’s a great post over at the LSE Impact Blog today by Jonathan Gray which makes both a practical and a philosophical argument for open access publishing in academia. Open access refers to making research papers actually publicly accessible, as … Continue reading

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Twitter and The Samaritans Radar: Thoughts from an e-health perspective.

I spend a lot of time on twitter. I’m sure I have colleagues who think I spend altogether too much time on twitter. I don’t feel guilty about it though, because I learn a lot, from both following developments and … Continue reading

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Going For Gold? Twitter and Impact Factors

I saw a great analogy on twitter the other day, about how asking how to get ‘the most’ out of twitter was like asking ‘How you do get a gold medal at the Olympics?’ The answer: It depends entirely on … Continue reading

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4 Things I’ve Learned on Twitter

In no particular order, here’s a few things that being a mental health academic on twitter has taught me: 1. Resist the urge to say “we’re not all like that…” My own experience of this relates specifically to mental health, … Continue reading

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Function over Form: What the technology of the past tells us about the future.

If it didn’t have ELECTRONIC COMPUTER blazoned across it, you’d be forgiven for not realising this was Norwich City Council’s first computer being delivered in 1957. No,it isn’t some kind of portable Large Hadron Collider. It’s not an Ikea-style build-your-own … Continue reading

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