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Health Research Should Be Crowd-Funded Through Kickstarter

This is the text of my *humble cough* winning Dangerous Ideas Soapbox presentation at yesterday’s SAPC conference. Not entirely sure how much of this I got in during the 2 minute (and strictly adhered to) time slot, but this is … Continue reading

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3 reasons why it’s ok to be a “control”

Hi all – I wrote this to coincide with Clinical Trials Day, and then managed to miss it completely. Smooth move, Knowles! Nevertheless, I still think it’s an interesting topic and one which I’d really love to hear peoples’ views … Continue reading

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Sharing is Caring: On trial data sharing in health research

I’ve been following the #EHILive updates today on twitter about the future of digital health.  There seems to be a lot of attention on the issue of open data or data sharing, and the potential of this to gain new … Continue reading

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Find The Gap: Or, why researchers squabble so much.

The debate about the Lancet study on CBT for psychosis is still going strong in the twitter-sphere. A lot of the criticism has focused on the statistics reported in the piece, with debates about standardised versus unstandardised effect sizes, lack … Continue reading

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Talking heads: some thoughts on the Lancet study of therapy for schizophrenia

There was a LOT of attention yesterday given to a study that came out in the Lancet on the effectiveness of cognitive therapy for people with Schizophrenia. The NIHR press release for the study proclaimed: Researchers from The University of … Continue reading

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Express, Test and Cycle – Innovation as the Bench Work for RCTs

Yesterday I was at MindTech launch conference in London. I was wearing two different shoes, but despite that had a lovely day. One issue close to my heart came up at the conference a lot, and that was whether traditional … Continue reading

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Dr Killjoy & The Exploration of Darkness: An Evidence Based Medicine Adventure!

“True science teaches, above all, to doubt and to be ignorant.” -Miguel De Unamuno Science writer Carl Zimmer posted a series of tweets the other day from David Dobb’s talk on science communication. They were all great points, but one … Continue reading

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