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Health Research Should Be Crowd-Funded Through Kickstarter

This is the text of my *humble cough* winning Dangerous Ideas Soapbox presentation at yesterday’s SAPC conference. Not entirely sure how much of this I got in during the 2 minute (and strictly adhered to) time slot, but this is … Continue reading

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Open Academia: Embracing interaction over transmission

Victoria Betton made some excellent observations earlier this week on the challenges of straddling the open world of social networking with the formal and closed traditions of academia. One point, drawn from David Price’s book on open learning and sharing, … Continue reading

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Wanted: The Ideal Qualities for a PhD Student

I’ve recently had my first few experiences of examining continuation vivas for PhDs. In these examinations, we look for perhaps the obvious features of ‘what makes a good PhD student’ – do they understand the methodologies? Can they write and … Continue reading

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Zombies and Unicorns in Patient & Public Involvement

I won a prize! I never win a prize! Last week I won the prize for best PPI paper at the #hsrn14 conference in Nottingham (1). It’s given me a nudge to publish this post, which I’ve had loitering around … Continue reading

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“We’re all patients”: Brief reflections on the Patient Hack Day

Last Wednesday we ran the first Patient Hack Day here in Manchester. The idea behind the day was to borrow (steal) the NHS Hack Day format, which brings together tech geeks and clinicians to ‘hack’ solutions health problems, and apply … Continue reading

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Express, Test and Cycle – Innovation as the Bench Work for RCTs

Yesterday I was at MindTech launch conference in London. I was wearing two different shoes, but despite that had a lovely day. One issue close to my heart came up at the conference a lot, and that was whether traditional … Continue reading

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What kind of an expert are you? Patients as Hackers in Health Research

Hacker (n) Someone who makes innovative customisations or modifications to standard equipment or tools. Someone who combines playfulness and exploration in performed activities. Someone who circumvents the established systems of protected organisations.1 We were delighted to hear last week that … Continue reading

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