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An alternative academic guide to twitter

I wrote this originally nearly a year ago but never pressed ‘publish’. I’ve been seeing lots of calls to twitter of late though that seem to encourage exactly the kind of thing I think twitter shouldn’t be used for, so … Continue reading

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Post Doc Or Not? 4 questions to help you decide.

You’re coming to the end of your PhD. You might even have handed the b*stard in. Maybe you’ve even survived your viva. You drop to the floor, let out a huge sigh of relief, wait for the trumpets to sound … Continue reading

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Going For Gold? Twitter and Impact Factors

I saw a great analogy on twitter the other day, about how asking how to get ‘the most’ out of twitter was like asking ‘How you do get a gold medal at the Olympics?’ The answer: It depends entirely on … Continue reading

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Conference Etiquette (or ‘Manners cost nothing: A Grumpy Academic’s Guide’)

I’ve been out a lot at conferences the past few months, and have a few observations on etiquette that I wanted to share. Or inflict. Or make into a Law that All Must Obey. Your pick 😉 No. 1. Do … Continue reading

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