Identifying Carers – PPI in practice!

Our project on identifying carers has now been added to the INVOLVE website (here!). The project is being conducted by Dr Ryan Combs.

INVOLVE is part of the National Institute for Health Research, and promotes public involvement in NHS research (also known as ‘PPI’ which stands for ‘Patient and Public Involvement’. Not to be confused with that mis-sold insurance scam…)

The carers project (funded by Greater Manchester CLAHRC) was designed in collaboration with a member of the public, May Griffiths, and is guided by a steering group of carers. We hope that the involvement of members of the public in designing and monitoring the research will make sure the project is sensitive to carer needs and focuses on what will be most useful to carers in practice. In this case, May was a carer herself for many years, and so brings her insight and lived experience into the project. Collaborating with service users or members of the public helps us as researchers to focus on the issues that are really important to people who use the NHS, and to design our projects with their needs in mind.

Involving people in research also shows members of the public how research works and can help health researchers communicate their goals and priorities directly to the end users.

For more information, visit the INVOLVE webpage or more locally the North West People in Research Forum.

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